The Hegemonic Reformation

The Hegemonic Reformation is enormous; so massive that any attempts to contain it in only a few paragraphs would only fail to do it justice

As such, the notations here are mostly in regards to its involvement with the Shell.

When humanity’s First Interstellar Empire arose from its home cradle of Earth, it commanded more than a thousand systems and planets across the Orion Spur with technology beyond human imagining.

It has been said that humanity of the First Interstellar Empire could touch the face of a black hole.

The collapse of the empire, from all appearances, came very suddenly and unexpectedly. It has been supposed by the Augurists, the Reformation’s top religious and scientific body, that some form of digital virus tore apart the Empire’s technology. As with any advanced society, the reliance on the now-destroyed tech caused an almost overnight crash. Systems lost all interstellar contact with other systems, and even planets within the same system became isolated from each other.

Following this collapse the empire fell into ruins, and planetary bodies survived as best they could. After generations passed, the marvels of humanity’s greatest achievement fell from the common knowledge and blew into the winds of myth.

The Hegemonic Reformation’s foundations began in the Jiangzi-Zhou sytem, with the people of Jiangzi-Zhu recovered to a technological age potent enough to again begin the exploration of space.

This exploration begat the realization that they were not alone in their system, but a sister planet, Jiangzi-Gao also maintained a survivor population, and the pair developed never knowing of the other’s presence.

The clues of an precursor civilization on Jiangzi-Zhu could finally be joined, and the myths of their forefathers blossomed the First Interstellar Empire into near-divinity as the forgotten peoples that came before were elevated as the “Ascendants.”

It became understood that other fractions of humanity could still be out there beyond the edges of Jiang-Zhou; but it would take another century before the first confirmations of humans still living in lost systems.

Under the ever-present guidance of the Augurists, the learned scholars of science and specialized loremasters of the Ascendants, four centuries had passed since the first discovery on Jiangzi-Gao. The Hegemonic Reformation absorbed a dozen human colonies back into Imperial embrace, with another dozen sitting on the fringes, either resisting rule, or still too distant to reach with current technology.

Yet with this renewed explosion of discovery, the location of mythical Terra, the cradle and homeworld of the Ascendants, remained elusive.

The Shell was detected from an outpost world, Ajibana-1143. Its strange signals were too faint for normal detection arrays, and it spurred curiosity. A fast-travel negative mass exploration vessel was dispatched by the Office of Navel Intelligence to examine the anomaly in the year 494 PR (post-Reformation).

After almost suffering destruction upon arrival, the marvels of the Shell only served as confirmation of the potency of the Ascendants, and the right of the Reformation to absorb this massive entity into its governing body. THe realization that this one construct in this one system already dwarfs the scale of this fledgling empire by sheer volume of population and inhabited ‘worlds.’

The Reformation’s current mission on the Shell is threefold:

Absorb and study all Ascendant knowledge and technological expertise, and the removal of key artifacts for study and reverse-engineering for the benefit of the Reformation.

Locate all relevant data pertaining the Ascendants’ former empire, including stellar cartography of still unknown systems (easily still over a thousand), and most importantly, clues as to the location of Terra.

Bring the entity known as the Curator to heel and accept Reformation control. This mandate is coupled with the freedom of the trillion strong human population from under the invisible yoke of Curator control.

These mandates are ongoing, however the Curator has been a far more resilient foe than expected. Additionally, efforts are confounded by the need to operate with soft gloves as the Reformation’s High Council is exceedingly cautious as to the extent the Curator will exceed to prevent capture.

The Council is well aware the Curator will wipe a Exhibit World Disc without care, destroying any and all knowledge contained within. Even more dangerous is that the massive A.I.  also controls all life support components, as well as the necessary ability to prevent the entire shell from drifting into the system’s star, Katerra-118.

The Hegemonic Reformation

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