Synthetic Characters

Saiki-7; Research & Intelligence (Category-02 Humanoid Synth)
Guoten-GU7.3; Computer and Technical Officer (Category-14 K-9 Synth)

The Hegemontic Reformation has made extensive use of artificial creations that range from over-sized armored battle giants to small drones and replicant animals.

Though not nearly as advanced as Curatorial Units,  a Reformation Synthetic is just as capable as their human counterparts. Synthetics have infiltrated all aspects of Reformation society, and are able to fulfill almost any role; with the except of command duties that oversee government and/or military operations.

Additionally, even humanoid designs are, by Hegemonic law, unable to appear fully human.
Due to this wide variety of designs and functions,  there is no set Synthetic archetype beyond a base level features inherent in all, in addition to their Aspect Set of skills.

Synthetic Characters

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