Sleeper characters are still unaware members of an Exhibit Society. They believe their world is what it is, and the only of its kind; whether that world be ancient Greece, the great Babylonian empire, 1920s America, or deep in the heart of the 2nd World War.

The concept of the Shell would be so entirely alien to them that the idea would be unbelievable, and they would likely think themselves mad.

A sleeper character begins with 15 additional points due to their inherent traits. They can be built within whatever guidelines dictated by the Crafter. Their neural network is still connected to the Curator’s datafeed.

SLEEPER META-TRAITS    (-15 points)

These meta-traits reflect the vast trillions of the Shell’s native inhabitants. They are not used for Awakened residents or other fauna, as animal life is not infused with the Cerebral Net.

If the GM is running game where not only the characters, but the players, are unaware of their world’s reality, then the following traits can be kept hidden as a secret package.

Attributes   [+0]
   any as per character concept.

Skills   [+0]
   any as per character concept.

(Dis)Advantages [-15]
   Cerebral Network
   Enemy (Utterly formidable; watcher, FoA 6)


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