Magic is a product of myth and fantasy, human imagination without fundamental basis inside the reality Shell. However, the faction known as the Ghostmen would seem to defy this logic.
Throughout history, strange extraworldly abilities have existed at the fringes of civilized science; visible, but unproven – glitched products of the Phrenic Haze that are soon automatically corrected.

The Ghostmen have managed to haress this ability to control the Haze to their own ends. Producing powerful destruction effects, miraculous healing, or cognitive realization of possible future events.

Dangerous, not only from uncontrolled manipulations, the Curator’s agents are well adept at tracking gross displays of Phrenic distortion. The Ghostmen have thus formed a secretive society hidden from the Curator to live in freedom and explore their strange abilities.

The Ghostmen are always Awakened; as the Outlanders don’t possess the necessary hardware to interact and manipulate the Phrenic Haze. Even then, their numbers are severely limited; only 0.01% of the Shell’s population have the capacity to Awaken on their own – and only 0.01% of those rare individuals have the potential to take control of the Haze. Sadly, confused and frightened, most of these rare few are quickly found by Curator agents.

Despite their powers, one of the most curious awakened abilities the Ghostmen possess is the able to silently communicate with each other through a telepathic network they refer to as the Dreamroads. This connection has a ranged limited only by the extent of the Phrenic Haze and takes the form of waking dreams.

Dengal Watts; Awakened Class II
House: Seraph


Secondary Attributes   [ +15 ]
     Per +1 [ 5 ]; Will +2 [ 10 ]

Skills   [ +0 ]
     Open and variable; specific to the
     character’s exhibition world disc

(Dis)Advantages   [ +40 ]
     Combat Reflexes   [ 15 ]
     Danger Sense   [ 15 ]
     Phrenic Haze extra-human
          abilities (powers)   [ up to 50 ]
     Power Talent (up to level 4 maximum)   [ +5 ]
     Unusual Background   [ 10 ]
     Duty (Quite often; Ext. Hazardous)   [ -15 ]
     Enemy (utterly formidable, appearance 9)   [ -40 ]

Phrenic Haze extra-human abilities
The ghostmen’s seemingly supernatural abilities utilize the powers rules outlined in the GURPS 4e Powers book. Though not psionic per se, the powers utilize that modifier as specified (-10% to the completed package).

Talent levels are limited to a maximum of 4, with most Ghostmen typically at either level 1 or 2. At levels 3, and especially 4, the Ghostman is considered exceptional and this could encompass a greater level of fame or imposed duties put upon the character by their society.
Only a scant handful of the already limited Ghostmen are rated at a level 4 – the two most well known being the leader of the vast Scion house, Thales of Miletus; and Filegree Lockett, colloquially known as the “The Victorian.”

Use of a Ghostman’s powers to manipulate the Phrenic Haze, while marvelous, are exceeding dangerous. While channelling “magic” in an open display on an exhibition disc is already inherently dangerous from a startled and frightent public; the Curator is becoming more and more aware of these remarkable humans. It seems to have made it its mandate to stomp these infections out completely.

Use of an ability has a chance of catching the attention of the local Curatorial Shard; and the arrival of several units sent to exterminate the Ghostman, and potentially any witnesses that could not be directed to ignore the incident.

As such, Ghostmen who flaunt their abilities and endanger lives often do not last long. They are either soon exterminated by the Curator; or find their own people turned against them as their actions threaten everybody.

Ghostmen Houses
A Ghostman alone does not exist long. Soon enough an error will bring with it Curatorial interest, and their bodies would be disected then recycled. Because of the danger, and a general stand-offishness with the Hegemonic forces, the Ghostmen have formed into several Houses for mutual self-protection.

The following are the nine most prolific and successful of the Ghostmen houses, though even with their success, even these houses rarely boast over a couple hundred Ghostmen each – and most of them are relatively inexperienced.

  • Scion
  • Huntinguard
  • Augustmoor
  • Seraph
  • Mertine
  • Dagli-Crawyer
  • Crucifix
  • Cardinal
  • Legion


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