Exhibit Entity Characters

Exhibit entity characters were born in whatever “world” inside the Shell. Their world is believed by them to be the only Earth, travelling around the Sun with its companion planets.

None know of their reality, though some could come to suspect that something isn’t quite right. So long as they never truly act on their suspicions or attempt to learn more, they usually remain undiscovered.

Those who somehow manage to learn enough of the truth to become a “pollutant” are eventually discovered by the Curator; then are either subconsciously urged back into line, or are removed and replaced by a Doppelganger Unit.

Exhibit characters are either Sleepers or Awakened.


Exhibit Entity meta-traits

Exhibit characters, while varied, are all human, built with the base character points as assigned by the GM prior to campaign start. Such characters may not have Supernatural or cinematic advantages, unless approved by GM.

02.01-01.1   The Sleepers
02.01-01.2   The Awakened

Exhibit Entity Characters

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