The Judiciary Office is the legal wing of Hegemonic operations on the shell. It is the J.O.’s responsiblity to pursue any legal grievances reported by Hegemonic personnel within the Shell, or investigate reports of misconduct relating to the Hegemonic articles of war.
While said articles do not govern actions taken against the synthetic agents of the Curator, they do extend to governing the protection of human populations on the exhibition discs.

Echelon division is the Office’s investigative branch. Its officers are field agents that work throughout the shell, often setting up in one specific disc outside of Bastion, and conducting their casefiles as delivered to them from Alcyone division, the administrative head of the Judiciary Office centralized in Bastion.

Other divisions of the Judiciary Office include:

Sigma division is the leading judiciary department that administers the legal courts and manages legal judgements and military incarceration. This is the military courts system, and manages legal counsel.
Ceiryon division manages laboratories, research, and intelligence analysis. Forensic evidence is examined and compiled by C-division. 
Kheton division holds authority over military incarceration and lawful confinement. Convicted offenders deemed unsuitable to return to active service do not remain on the Shell for very long after being removed from duty – with a return to Hegemonic territories on departing transports.

Most Echelon teams are overseen by a Inspector of Section or Authority Class 3 who has authority over one or two Hegemonic active districts. Each team is led by a Authority Class 4 or 5 agent, with up to six more junior officers under them.

Many active investigating teams function as four agent team, comprised much like a CESI-5 team with a lead investigator, a technical/computer specialist, a language/historial archivist specialist, and a forensic investigator.

Takeshita Suun; Authority Class 5
Judiciary Office; Echelon


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