Division White

Division: White is the field branch of the Office of Science and Technology. They recognize the Shell for what it truly is, a marvel of human engineering and scientific development, the height of human achievement under the First Interstellar Empire.

It is the mandate of Division: White to avoid becoming involved in the squabbles of the other agencies fighting against the Curator (though they maintain a sizable force of highly trained acquisitioners), and process any data they are able to further the known science of the Hegemonic Reformation.

Considered little better than pirates by the Armored Rangers, Division: White’s field agents have proven to be invaluable assets on occasion under the rare instances of inter-agency cooperation.

All Division: White field agents are studied scientists and highly intelligent. Though skilled in combat arms, they tend to avoid unnecessary conflict that might endanger their work on the Shell.

Division: White’s ARTs (Archival Research Teams) operate as a five person unit led by at least a Field Lead Agent, with mix of two assistants of either Agent Associte or Field Agent rank. An ART’s security is managed by a combat focused security specialist holding a rank of at least Field Agent.

Katawa Joni; Divisional Operative
Curatorial Technology; Research and Acquisition

Division White

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