The Outlanders are a specialized military force trained specifically to operate inside hostile territory. Though they operate most often by Unconventional Warfare and insurgencies, they are fully capable of taking to the field in open combat.

The Outlanders are under the direct authority of the Reformation High Council’s War Commission; Directive CESI-5 (Committee for Extra-Solar Insurgency, sub-article 5.3 to 5.8). It is their mandate to operate with the intentions of undermining the Curator’s control of the Shell and bring it in line with the Reformation’s goals and directives within the system.

CESI-5 operatives are well aware to the monumentous task ahead of them. Carefully subverting just one Exhibition Disc without triggering a complete world cleanse is a task that could take many months to years…

And there are over 200 million such worlds.

Despite the sizable task, the Outlanders’ field command know all too well that if they push the Curator too hard, there would be little they could do to prevent the god-like entity from destroying the Shell and its more than one trillion inhabitants.

Apart from denying the Outlanders their triple operating mandate – securing the Shell, freeing the inhabitants from their yoke, and discovering the location of the mythical Terra – the scale of death on this magnitude is a sobering realization to CESI-5 operatives of the importance of their work. It is also the source of disgust and anger at the often perceived carelessness of the other agencies also operating in the Shell (and has led to more than one bout of fisticuffs during inter-agency operations.

CESI-5 units are most typically comprised of three agent teams; a lead member of a Sergeant (or higher), technical/computer specialist, and a language/historial archivist specialist. CESI-5 units are often expected to operate with local resources on site, and are generally not in large Hegemonic unit operations.

Katsu Daishi; Warrant Lieutentant
CESI-5 Ranger Battalion 4



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