Butterfly Initiative

The Butterfly Initiative plays on the allusion to chaos and discord. Operatives of the Initiative are focussed intently on the tearing down of the Curator’s power by whatever means they deem most efficient.

Given their mandate by the Office of Naval Intelligence, operatives are often sole operators, making use of whatever resources they are able to find in the field for their dedicated war on forcing the Curator to yield to a human master.

One of the smallest agencies in the Shell, each operative is required to highly capable for not only combat (particularly silent assassination), but turning field resources to their favour.
As their typical assignments require them to remain in the shadows and avoid Curatorial agents, most Butterfly operatives work alone in the field, but unlike the other divisions, have a more reliable connection to their home office on Bastion.

A Butterfly Initiative agent starting package is the most expensive initially, as they are exceptionally trained to operate on their own in very hostile enivornments with minimal available resources.

Nikashi Etsuko; Vice-Major / Agent Grey
Papillon Division 7


Butterfly Initiative

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